...On Sunday, a man in a lobby was drilling into a ceiling, working above and just to the left of a blinking Christmas tree. (в феврале-то?! да ладно, еще месяц есть в запасе до марта)

A Christmas tree?

“It’s Russia,” said one of many young women who work here. She shrugged.

As an all-purpose explanation for many of the head-scratchers here, “It’s Russia” will do. It would have been a good answer when this reporter woke his first night, at 3 in the morning, to find a man with a Scandinavian accent in his bedroom. This gentleman wanted to know why someone was sleeping in the suite he had been assigned to and for which he had been given a key....

Очень забавная статья о том, как предолимпийский Сочи удивляет иностранные СМИ


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